Friday, 20 April 2007


Tabitha straddles me, leaning forward slightly so that her hands effectively pin my shoulders to the mattress. The pointy cones of her breasts sway towards my face as her hips begin to grind onto me in long, slow, sensuous circles. The small creases at her belly undulate as she completes each circuit and her breathing deepens as she drives herself further and further down the length of my pulsating cock.

I push upward, raising my buttocks off the bed and am gratified to hear a guttural moan as her pussy swallows my prick right to the base of the shaft. My cock feels like it is immersed in a wonderful sheath of heat and wetness.

My hands follow the smooth plains of her skin – rising slowly over her thighs to her buttocks and then reach up to cup the swollen delights of her tits. I squeeze and milk them towards me, craning my neck to get closer to them. She leans forward a little more so I can reach her nipples with my mouth. I flick my tongue greedily over them, first one and then the other, savouring the slightly salty, slightly spicy taste. I begin to rub and pinch them between thumb and forefinger, watching amazed as their dark brown colour deepens as they became engorged with excited blood. I suck one into my mouth and begin to suck and pull at it with my lips, feeling it resist and then yield to my administrations. Tabitha gasps above me and begins to lift herself up bodily from me and then grind herself back down again, her buttocks making gorgeous slapping noises on the tops of my legs.

A sensation of hot water dripping seems to run down my cock and I guess it is either Tabitha’s sweat or her cum... either is good for me and I begin to fuck upwards into her sweltering depths with more intent, feeling my cock become wetter and wetter. Rhythmic grunting noises begin to come from the back of Tabitha’s throat as she mirrors my movements with her own – pushing down and back upon my jolting pelvis as I fuck deeper into her. Small wet slopping noises begin to escape from the pulsing grind of our flesh and I see a small, grin play about Tabitha’s lips as she quickens the pace in response... she just loves to soak me with her cum.

I lock my knees in an upright position to gain more purchase and more drive and begin to thrust up into the resisting wetness of her cunt with more aggression, kneading the bouncing mounds of her breasts with small rough movements.

Tabitha’s eyes close and a low wail sounds from her throat as the first orgasm hits her and then she has her hands on the headboard of the bed and is throwing herself back onto me with complete abandon... impaling herself hard onto the stabbing movements of my prick. I’m groaning too now and our voices mingle as we fill and coat each other in our wetnesses. Her tongue momentarily darts into my mouth – enough for me to suck it as the head of my cock seems to explode, pumping up great wads of burning hot semen into the furthest reaches of Tabitha’s pussy. Her tits suddenly jolt hard into my face as another orgasm hits her and a long sustained groan breaks upon my ears as she rides it through to the last few weakening shudders.

This has been a very good start to the day...

Friday, 6 April 2007

A New Flame Has Come

Tabitha Tit'sTabitha puts the kettle down and leans her head back until it’s resting on my shoulder. A soft groan – half sigh half utterance – comes from her lips. I can feel every movement of her body through my hands. She’s rocking against me so slowly it’s barely perceptible, like the turning of a tide. I kiss the side of her neck through thick strands of hair and feel her nuzzle her cheek against mine. The contact incites me further and I wonder how far she’ll let me go. I move my hands forward and down, hugging the contours of her abdomen until they press against her crotch. Even through her jeans my fingers can sense close heat and moisture. It’s like they have a hunger all of their own and with every slight rub and prod they feed it.

Tabitha’s breathing, deep and loud in my ear tells me she’s more than willing. Her hands are on my forearms, rubbing up and down, rhythmically increasing the pressure of my hands. I push my hands deeper down, parting her thighs slightly, feeling the pleasing sensation of firm flesh at the top of her legs pushing back against me with exciting resilience.

I’m breathing heavily through my nose, my mouth greedily kissing and tasting the exposed skin around Tabitha’s neck and shoulder. I’ve got the biggest hard-on I’ve had in years and it’s joyously nuzzling between the pushing firmness of Tabitha’s buttocks, frustratingly held in check by dull layers of dry fabric. I bring my hands up swiftly and push them underneath the hem of Tabitha’s t-shirt. As soon as they’re on the naked skin of Tabitha’s belly the rocking becomes more definite. I can feel her squirming against me with her entire body. Soft moans are pulsing up from her throat. My hands continue upwards, seeking a definite point of contact. The instant they brush the stitched firmness of Tabitha’s bra they go into cupping mode. It’s just a natural reaction. I sigh loudly as the weight of her tits fill my hands. There’s no finer feeling than this. Tabitha is gasping slightly with each moan and I begin to kneed and squeeze her breasts in time with her vocalizations, pulling her harder against me.

It’s no good; I need to feel naked flesh, not fabric and I push her bra up and off her tits – no adolescent fiddling with the bra strap; just straight in to what I want. My hands are filled with soft hotness and a smooth malleable weightiness that makes the back of my neck tingle. I pinch her nipples gently between thumb and forefinger and am gratified to feel how hard and engorged they’ve become. My mouth is watering, wanting to taste them.

It feels an agony to leave them unattended but other desires are kicking in. My hands snake down again and roughly rip open the buttons of her jeans. Tabitha is grinding against me so hard I’m having trouble coordinating my fingers against her clothes. I slip a palm down the front of her jeans and worm it beneath the elasticised top of her knickers, plunging it down into the as yet invisible heat between her legs. My fingers brush downy hair and dip lower into warm folds of skin and then my fingers are sliding along a wonderful indentation of hot wetness.

Tabitha’s breath erupts in hard, ragged sighs as I begin to finger her. She slams her buttocks back so hard into me I feel winded. My free hand inevitably finds its way back beneath her t-shirt seeking the warm cones of flesh that I can sense moving within. I massage one of her gently swinging breasts, savouring the weighty movement of it as my other hand slowly rubs deeper into the wetness at the top of her legs. I can smell her sex over the bitter aroma of the coffee – it’s that strong – and my head feels enflamed with it.

Tabitha hands are suddenly busy, fumbling and hitching her jeans and knickers down in jerky, awkward movements that only augment the grinding motion of her buttocks against my cock. I’m almost gasping with lust, the sense and heat of it is so overwhelming. I feel cold air hit the back of my hand while the palm is suffused with hot wetness and I know that Tabitha’s jeans are tantalizingly halfway down her thighs, the place I most want to intimately touch exposed for the taking.

“Oh God hurry” Tabitha’s voice is a breathless whisper and the most wonderful sound in the whole wide world.

For all that I’m consumed with urgency a more controlling part of me wants to prolong the experience, to make it last. I pull on her waist and spin her round to face me. Her arms go around my neck and our lips meet in a blur of movement, tongues and breath. I slip both hands behind her back as we kiss and impatiently unhook the loose sling of her bra. I drop it to the floor and begin to lift off her t-shirt. God but I want her so much. Her t-shirt gets no higher than her armpits as, her breasts suddenly exposed, I’m consumed with a need to smother them with kisses. I feel ravenous with desire. My mouth leaves hot saliva trails all over the warm mounds of her breasts while my hands eagerly squeeze them toward me. My tongue flicks roughly over her nipples and I hear her gasps through a rush of blood in my ears. There’s a flurry of movement as she pulls off the rucked-up strip of her t-shirt and then her hands are on top of my head pushing me down and I sink to my knees willingly. I feel like I’ve been aching to do this forever. I bury my mouth between her legs and begin to lap up the salty wetness. I grind my face into her roughly, wanting the scent of her all over me. My hands snake upwards and manage to latch onto her tits once more. I feel them jolt and push against my hands as I push my tongue in deeper, stronger. I’ve never felt so alive and so achingly well.

The urgency is getting unbearable. I know I can’t hold on much longer. I stand slowly, dragging my lips and tongue upwards, wetly trailing saliva over her naval to the smooth space between her breasts. As I climb my hands fumble frantically with the belt of my trousers only to be slapped away by Tabitha’s more dextrous fingers. It feels like my trousers are ripped open and pushed down with the merest gesture of Tabitha’s hands. Her expertise brings a smile to my face. Then another kiss, her tongue darting between my lips and suddenly Tabitha is squirming, turning around in my grasp, once more pushing her buttocks against my crotch.

Her voice comes in a sighing whimper. “Please Leon, please...”

The smooth coolness of her buttocks against my naked skin feels heavenly. One of those sensations that you always remember in great detail but can never adequately describe. My hand fumbles on my cock as I line it up – I can’t believe how much I’m shaking – and then Tabitha’s fingers are guiding me in from between her own legs. She’s backs up onto me making sure I hit the right spot. I enter with a hard thrust and feel myself enveloped with a delicious sensation of hot pressure and moving wetness. Again I reach forward and fill my hands with the bouncing flesh of her breasts. I squeeze as I thrust and hear myself groaning loudly with satisfaction as Tabitha pushes back into me with a slow but firm rhythm.

My whole existence seems to have shrunk down to the low sounds of Tabitha’s voice and the slow build up of pressure in my genitals. Right now this is all I care about. Tabitha begins to shout my name over and over again and I know she’s very close. She locks her hands on the edge of the kitchen counter and begins to thrust backwards harder and harder, her back arching and flexing like some kind of animal. I tell her how much I love her and how much I love fucking her and the loud utterances of my name become long, gasping squeals of orgasm. It’s too much. With my hands hot and full of her tits I’m suddenly engulfed in the heights of my own pleasure. I’m shocked at how loud my groans are; it’s been years since I’ve felt such abandonment. My mind is ringing like struck metal. I see sparks and flecks of light zip across my vision.

A couple more thrusts and I’m done. I feel like my entire body is radiating visible heat. I stand for numb moments exhausted and shaking, my legs heavy like waterlogged pipes, not wanting to remove myself from the warmth and intimacy of Tabitha’s body. The heat between my legs seems to spread out and flow up inside of me like a cleansing flood. Breathing heavily, I lean forward and rest my head on Tabitha’s shoulder while her own rasping breath quickens itself into low wicked laughter.

Thursday, 25 January 2007

Elspeth On Top

Elspeth's titsI’m definitely feeling back on form today... mainly because the day got off to a fantastic start again. I guess my libido pendulum has swung well and truly back into the plus section after being mired in the minus for the last 2 flu laden weeks. As I headed out of the flat to go work I was overcome with an overwhelming desire to try my luck at Elspeth’s (recalling the fantastic quickie we’d both enjoyed a while ago).

I knocked on her door and after a few minute’s pause was rewarded with Elspeth opening up and presenting me with a big beaming smile. That was a relief; I don’t know why but as soon as I’d knocked I’d suddenly felt full of doubt and stupidity and half feared I’d be sent away with a flea in my ear – I mean the arrogance of it all! Just knock on someone’s door and expect to be let in for a shag!

Which is why it was so great to have exactly that happen.

Grabbing my lapels Elspeth breathed, “About bloody time...” and virtually pulled me through her door. Being desired so strongly is always a goad to my sex drive (not that I needed any extra motivational energy this morning) and I my hands were all over Elspeth’s body before the door was even closed behind me. I felt like I hadn’t had a shag for months – a starving man at a harvest.

As my hands stroked and circled the firm cones of her breasts our lips were pressing and mashing together in ways that sent jolts of lust powering up and down my back. Why is it that Elspeth is always wearing a flimsy nightie? Not that I care naturally. And I certainly wasn’t about to complain.

As we shambled towards the sofa – a mess of grasping hands, mouths and legs – I pushed one of my hands, palm down, between her legs and began to rub and press at the hotness that was there, feeling the contours of Elspeth’s cunt ripple through the fabric of the nightie. Elspeth was gasping loudly and emitting loud, “Ahh, ahh, ahh!” noises – all of which seemed to make my cock thicken and harden even more.

Once we were at the sofa Elspeth loosed her grip on my waist and yanked open my trousers, pulling them and my boxers roughly down to my knees... my cock sprang up comically as it was freed and Elspeth enveloped it in her hands, pulling and stroking it sensuously, jerking it off towards her stomach.

I allowed myself to fall back onto the sofa and pulled Elspeth down towards me. She muttered, “oh God yes”, and straddled me, hoiking up her nightie to her waist, exposing her large firm thighs and soft belly. She reached down and, grabbing my cock, lined it up against her pussy – already wet and smelling gorgeous – and with one smooth movement sat down upon my straining erection, impaling herself deeply upon it. It was all I could do not to cum there and then but I was determined to make this last as long as I could.

Elspeth began to use her powerful legs to lift herself up and then drop back down upon me – her arms either side of my head, gripping the top of the sofa for support. She grunted rhythmically as she did so and I had a burning need to have her fat tits in my hands. I grabbed the neckline of her nightie and ripped it open, spilling out her swollen tits. Elspeth gasped in surprise and shock. I mumbled something along the lines of I’d buy her a new one. She said, “Oh fuck it, it’s an old one anyway,” and without missing a beat lifted one of her tits up to my mouth. Damn sexy. I washed my mouth and tongue all around and over her hard nipple, sucking as much of her tit into my mouth as I could. My hands began to enfold and squeeze her breasts, revelling in the plumpness of her flesh as her body shocked and jolted up and down upon me.

I thrust upwards as hard as I was able, straining my lower back to gain more and more depth inside Elspeth’s cunt as she fucked herself hotly upon my prick. She came quickly, her head thrown back and her buttocks clenching tightly. I could feel every shudder of her pussy as it spasmed around my cock and it felt like it was milking me. Elspeth continued to thrust onto me, quickening her pace as she heard my breathing deepen and felt my hands begin to rub harder at her tits... she knew I was close to cumming, bless her, and wanted to make sure that when I popped I felt it from my head to my toes. In that she was successful, swamped in the hot tight wetness of her cunt I experienced a glorious orgasm – several burning hot wads of spunk exploded from the tip of my penis and shot up deeply into Elspeth’s body, racking my body with tremors and shakes. They took several minutes to subside.

When I was calm again Elspeth bent down and kissed my mouth warmly. “God I’ve missed you.”

That was all I needed to hear. Recovery complete.

Wednesday, 24 January 2007


Nadine's titsIt actually feels odd to be returning to this blog after a couple of week’s absence. Both Nadine and I have effectively been out of action since just after my last big entry (no juvenile pun intended). First Nadine got the flu virus that’s been doing the rounds and then she very kindly gave it to me. It’s only been the last few days that we’ve both begun to feel like our old selves again. Our libidos have been virtually non-existent for the best part of a fortnight... that’s got to be bad in anybody’s book! I do wonder if our marathon session in the car park left us sufficiently exhausted and weakened to allow the virus to gain such a strong purchase on our immune systems...

Elspeth has been lovely – very neighbourly in fact – checking on us daily to make sure we were both ok. I knew I was feeling better when the sight of her bending over me as I sat on the sofa last weekend awoke old stirrings in my cock... a plunging neckline and gravity are wonderful cures. Just seeing those massively plump breasts swinging down provocatively into my field of vision had me hard within minutes. Alas I was still too tired to do anything about it but look and enjoy the view. I think Elspeth knew I was having a sly look as she took her time adjusting the cushions and gave me a sly wink when she’d done.

Thankfully I’m much more recovered since then – as is Nadine. We both returned to work today and to sweeten this medicine we broke our “fuck fast” this morning. Awaking with a marvellous hard-on I decided to capitalize on this by rolling over and grabbing Nadine’s breasts – not very gentlemanly or seductive I know but I think Nadine was so pleasantly surprised after our recent sex drought that she responded with a squeal of delight and dived under the covers to suck my cock straight into her hot mouth. God but it was good to feel Nadine’s lips around me again – they worked my cock over pretty damn good too, tightly slipping up and down, sucking my whole body essence up into the tip of my penis. While Nadine worked her mouth over my prick I ran my hands all over her back and arse, stroking her legs which she loves and then sliding a hand under her hanging breasts and letting them fill the space between my palm and fingers with their firm softness. I began to squeeze them rhythmically – milking them as I call it – while Nadine bobbed her head up and down onto my cock.

My erection felt unbearably hard at this point but what a comfort to have such sensations back in my life! There was no two ways about it: I needed to feel her cunt gripping my prick again. Sitting up I pushed Nadine over onto her back and plunged a hand between her legs – she was gloriously wet, her pussy thickly coated with her juices. I was too desperate to mess about and, sliding off the bed quickly, I dashed round to her side and manoeuvred her so that she lay sideways across the middle of the bed with her buttocks on the very edge. I then opened her legs and rubbed the head of my cock against her glistening pussy lips, making sure it was nicely coated. Then, savouring every moment, I pushed it down and forwards into her wet depths. Nadine seemed to gasp and moan at the same time and wrapped her legs tightly around my waist. I love this position as with my arms locked straight, supporting my weight on the mattress, I can fuck into Nadine with complete abandon and get a good deep thrusting movement going. Nadine ran her hands over my chest as I deep-fucked her. It was a real turn on to see her breasts jolting forwards and back over her ribcage as I hammered my prick home.

No words just moans and grunts – sexily animalistic – and Nadine’s eyes locked with mine until they momentarily lost focus as she came in a series of hoarse cries and body jolts... and then that hot spurting feeling as my cock shot forth it’s cum, driving itself in deeper and deeper, wanting to bury itself forever in the dark, wet depths of my woman’s body.


After that returning to work didn’t seem quite so bad after all!

Wednesday, 17 January 2007

Normal Service

Apologies for the lack of posts recently – after our busy weekend both Nadine and I have come down with some awful flu bug thing. Slowly getting over it now.

Normal service will be resumed very shortly!

Tuesday, 9 January 2007

Nadine’s Adventure – Part 2

Nadine's ass...I retrieved Nadine’s jacket and wrapped it around her as she was beginning to shiver – her t-shirt was a useless strip of torn fabric – and we began to make our way towards the elevator. Getting back up to the flat was a real cloak and dagger affair, especially with Nadine’s face still shiny and wet with cum but thankfully, it being late at night, there wasn’t too many of the other residents mooching around. Nadine, Elspeth and I swapped a few sparkly eyed grins in the elevator – both at the memory of what had just occurred but also at the thought of what other delights were about to come.

In the privacy of the elevator I stood behind Nadine and reaching round her, massaged her gorgeous boobs – I swear to God they’d swelled up with the excitement. Gooey drops of cum were spattered over them and I rubbed them gently into the flesh of her breasts, listening to Nadine’s breath deepen as I did so. I was then amazed when my hands were joined by Elspeth’s as she also began to massage and slick the cum all over Nadine’s fabulous tits. Nadine reached out languorously and began to rub at Elspeth’s crotch through the fabric of her jeans. My God but this boded well!

We headed to our flat and no sooner were we inside than Nadine and Elspeth were kissing passionately, they’re hands kneading at each other’s breasts, their breaths coming in squeaky gasps. I’m guessing they’ve been doing more than just talk during their regular morning get-togethers. Elspeth began to lick and suck at Nadine’s face, her full lips hoovering up the cooling spatters of spunk, licking Nadine clean. Nadine meanwhile was lifting up Elspeth’s top and scooping her fat tits out of the confines of her bra. So sexy. Elspeth broke away and very sensibly removed all of her clothes... this spurred Nadine and I to do the same. Yes – very sensible – get all the boring cumbersome clothing out of the way first so we can concentrate on the important bits...

Nadine then pushed Elspeth back towards the sofa – a copy of what I’d done to Elspeth the first time we’d fucked before Christmas. But whereas I’d dived between Elspeth’s legs, Nadine mounted the sofa and standing with her legs either side of Elspeth’s quivering body eased her wet cunt down towards her face. Elspeth accepted the gift and reaching up to hook her hands over Nadine’s firm buttocks, buried her face into Nadine’s pussy. Nadine let out a low moan and began to grind and buck her pelvis onto Elspeth’s face. Elspeth meanwhile was bobbing her head up and down as she lapped furiously and deeply into the sticky lips of Nadine’s cunt, licking out all that freshly spurted spunk that Pete had so kindly deposited earlier.

I moved round the back of the sofa to get a better view and was rewarded with a wonderful shot of Elspeth’s tongue slipping in and out of Nadine’s pussy, Elspeth’s face oily with cum juice. I reached up and began to suck at Nadine’s swaying breasts, sucking the hard, warm nipples into my mouth. Nadine reached down and kissed the top of my head, running her hands over my chest and shoulders, her breath low and deep as she continued to grind onto Elspeth’s industrious tongue.

After a while the position proved too strenuous for Nadine’s back – the poor love must have been absolutely knackered anyway, Lord knows where she gets her stamina from – so we had a swap around. Nadine sat on the sofa, legs spread wide, while Elspeth knelt before her and continued to drink and eat her pussy clean of cum. What an incredible sight! I couldn’t resist leaping onto the sofa and, balancing precariously, rubbed at Nadine’s left tit as her hot mouth worked their familiar magic on my cock. Nadine looked delirious with pleasure – a flicking tongue plunged into her pussy and a jerking cock sliding in and out of her mouth.

A continual hum of what I call “yum noises” were coming from Elspeth and I could see that not only was she licking out Nadine’s cunt beautifully but she was busily giving it a good fingering too. Nadine was sighing and whimpering, eyes-closed with pleasure... as if all this sex was having an almost opiate effect upon her.

Seeing Elspeth kneeling on the floor was too much for me – doggy is one of my favourite positions and it seemed too good an opportunity to miss. Withdrawing from the watery hole of Nadine’s mouth I positioned myself behind Elspeth and eased two fingers inside her cunt. She was absolutely soaking. Elspeth began to thrust back onto my fingers, coating them with her own cum. I figured such movements oughtn’t be wasted on my fingers and with a few adjustments slipped the tip of my cock between Elspeth’s pussy lips. The yum sounds Elspeth was making increased in pitch and with a hard thrust forward I plunged into her cunt, gripping her waist with my hands as I did so. Elspeth moaned loudly and began to rock her body backwards into mine. Wet slippery noises filled my ears as I fucked my hard prick in and out of her hot hole. Nadine meanwhile held Elspeth’s head with both her hands and pulled her more deeply between her thighs. Elspeth’s moans became muffled as she did so but her body continued to hammer backwards into my mine, meeting me thrust for thrust. Nadine’s gaze met mine and with a smile she began to grind and circle her pelvis into Elspeth’s face – God knows how. Suddenly her eyes flickered and with a gasping wail she came, her body jerking with quick little shudders that made her tits bounce delightfully. Elspeth let out a single long “mmmmmm” and I knew she was lapping up the fresh bounty from Nadine’s oozing pussy. That was too much for me and with a sudden strangled cry my pelvis started to pump hotly and violently all by itself, shooting great wads of cum deep into Elspeth’s cunt. Elspeth raised her head to take air and with a few hard thrusts back onto my jerking prick she came herself, her cunt walls flexing and squeezing my cock with their hot pressure. She filled the air with a loud, “Oh”, that seemed to last for minutes until she slumped forward, resting on Nadine’s lap, totally spent. What a night!

While Elspeth rested on the sofa with a big smile on her face Nadine very kindly sucked my cock dry – it was plastered with Elspeth’s and my own cum... a veritable cocktail. I stroked Nadine’s hair and back as her bead bobbed gently up and down. Amazingly I felt life stir in the old boy once again after 10 minutes or so – not sure if Nadine planned to have such an effect on me but before I knew it I was cupping her tits in my hands, squeezing their warm firmness, and thrusting a rock hard penis into Nadine’s mouth. I wasn’t sure if Nadine would be up for it after such a heavy night but with a growl of pleasure her mouth increased its suction and began to slide up and down my shaft with more purpose.

I don’t know what it is but after seeing Nadine fuck someone else I’m nearly always overtaken with an overpowering need to fuck her myself straight afterwards. I guess it’s the instinct to “reclaim your property” – a desire to make your partner your own again; I know Nadine has very similar reactions after I’ve got my naughties elsewhere so I guess a combination of seeing her fuck Pete and Dave and then Nadine seeing me fuck Elspeth just sent us into overdrive.

Whatever it was Nadine was soon straddling my lap on the sofa and thrusting up and down onto my aching cock while my hands and mouth made themselves very happy by playing and sucking Nadine’s soft tits. This was a much gentler fuck than Nadine and I usually enjoy and I guessed her gorgeous pussy was feeling rather tender after such a busy night. The tenderness though only added to the experience, increased the intensity and made us feel very close. All this while Elspeth looked on intently, a soft smile playing around her lips.

Nadine and I seemed to fuck for ages, gently engrossing ourselves in each other and I have a vague recollection of Elspeth getting dressed, kissing us softly goodbye and heading out the door towards her own flat... and, no doubt, a good night’s sleep! Nadine tasted amazing and I felt deliriously happy feeling the hot weight of her grinding and swaying onto me, the smell of her filling my head. When Nadine came it was like a continual groan of pleasure and tightness that pulled me along with it until I too was cumming, shooting hot loads of creamy spunk in jerking pulses high up into Nadine’s beautiful pussy... bliss! As we hugged quietly sleep came, warm and welcoming, rejuvenating... a happy friend.

Monday, 8 January 2007

Nadine's Adventure - Part 1

Nadine's titsNaturally I told Nadine about my little sexual aside with Elspeth when I got home again the same day. Even more naturally her satisfied smirk told me that she not only already knew about it all but had again orchestrated the whole event by strongly advising Elspeth to collar me as I left for work. Not that Elspeth needed much persuasion according to Nadine which was certainly nice to hear, after all, I certainly hadn’t needed much persuasion to take her up on the offer had I?

Anyway it seems there was a reason for all this saucy manoeuvring on my behalf... Nadine had planned a little adventure for herself and not only needed my approval (automatically given) but also my help to pull it off. I was intrigued and told her to spill the beans.

It seemed that one of her on-line chat friends had come up with a scenario that Nadine was absolutely dying to make real... rough sex in a car park with two men. I was aware that Nadine had nursed a fantasy along these lines for quite some time and the only thing that had put her off making it happen was the fear of things getting too out of control. Fantasy is fine as you can direct every act yourself and keep things totally safe – putting it into the realms of reality means surrendering quite a bit of that control to someone else, someone who may or may not play by your rules. Nadine likes rough sex occasionally but only rough to a point...

Her on-line chat pal is very much into rough sex apparently – but is always at pains to point out that he doesn’t do violent sex. By rough he means he takes what he wants, whether Nadine is ready or not, rips off her clothes and manipulates her body just as he pleased... Nadine basically becomes his submissive fuck toy. The thought of this gets Nadine wet at the best of times... add to that this guy’s best friend who would like to service Nadine at her “free end” (shall we say) and you have an explosive mix that Nadine was just aching to make real.

Fine – sounded great but where did I come in, I asked. It was obvious really. I was to be the control element! Nadine wanted me to secrete myself in the car park to be on hand should things get too out of control and Nadine found herself in a bad situation that she couldn’t get out of on her own. If things turned too nasty Nadine would shout an agreed code-phrase – in this instance “hubby get me” – and then I would wade in and bail her out. Hmm. It put me in rather an odd situation – I was certainly turned on by the idea of watching Nadine getting fucked senseless by two strangers, my only concern was whether I’d be physically able to break things up if they got out of control. I’m not much of a fighter – though I’d certainly jump in without a thought if Nadine was in danger. But the question was: would I be effective enough?

It seems Nadine had thought of that too - to a degree. I wouldn’t be on my own. Elspeth would be with me! I was shocked. Nadine explained that she’d revealed this fantasy to Elspeth a few days ago. Elspeth had been very turned on by the idea and initially wanted to pair up with Nadine to partake of some of the fun herself... but in the end, being a novice to this kind of lifestyle, decided she couldn’t really go through with it. Though she’d like to watch it all happen from the sidelines. Anyway Nadine figured that if she needed help the appearance of two people would be enough to halt proceedings without there being any bloodshed. I guess I can’t argue with that logic. And to capitalize on Elspeth’s presence and as a reward for my “bravery” Nadine and Elspeth also decided that once the guys had had their way and departed – leaving Nadine positively dripping with spunk – Elspeth could give Nadine a bloody good licking out and feast on the excess cum plus I’d be free to follow whatever naughty whims may have developed in my filthy mind after watching all of this unfold. Now that definitely gave things a positive spin in my mind. Although such shenanigans are par for the course with Nadine I was again shocked at just how filthy Elspeth could be. Talk about a dark horse.

To make things even safer – and more convenient for us – Nadine had elected to make the car park of our own block the venue for this amazing ménage a trios... though the guys would have utterly no idea that Nadine lived there; for them it would just be a random location in the city. Nice touch. It meant Nadine, Elspeth and I could repair to the luxury of our homes straight afterwards to lick ourselves clean again as it were... cool. I was certainly up for this little adventure and no mistake and was happy to give Nadine the green light...

...which is how I found myself with Elspeth, down in the depths of the car block beneath our tower block late on a cold Saturday night, freezing my arse off, watching Nadine getting her pussy shagged ragged from the dubious cover of a row of parked cars.

Nadine ever the mastermind of such events made sure that Elspeth and I were neatly secreted a full hour before “kick-off” was due to take place to ensure that the other guys, Pete and Dave, weren’t scared off by skulking figures moving about in the shadows. Having now had the benefit of seeing Pete and Dave I doubt very much whether anything would have scared them off short of an Exocet missile. Two hulking blokes, easily 6 foot and over each and Dave with a face weighted down by a huge biker beard that seemed at variance with his nice suit. Anyway, I’m getting ahead of myself here. Elspeth and I spent a nice hour chatting quietly together while we waited – Elspeth is really lovely company – and yes, we got ourselves in the mood with a bit of mutual groping and fingering. Hell, it was a cold night – we had to do something to keep ourselves warm.

God knows when Pete and Dave actually arrived, I guess Elspeth and I were too distracted to take notice and were lucky Elspeth’s gasps hadn’t blown our cover but I do know that within seconds of Nadine appearing Pete and Dave advanced upon her with a hungry confidence that did actually give me butterflies in my stomach. Unbeknownst to Nadine I’d hidden a monkey wrench in my inside jacket pocket just in case things got really nasty... though the thought of me actually using it seems quite comical now.

I knew for a fact that Nadine, being a wise and experience girl, would have fingered her pussy to wetness before coming down to the car park so I wasn’t too alarmed for her when Pete, her on-line buddy, closed the gap between then and shoved his hand up beneath her leather skirt and begin to jerk it in and out hard and fast. I could hear Nadine’s loud gasp of surprise at the sudden speed from where Elspeth and I were standing and found that my mouth had gone very dry. Elspeth seemed to be holding her breath and a quick glimpse at her showed that a deep flush was slowly spreading across her face and neck. Meanwhile Dave had circled behind Nadine who had placed her hands around Pete’s neck and began to push his hands beneath her t-shirt, snaking them round to the front to squeeze and pull at her breasts. I could see Nadine’s grinding her body up and down against Pete as his hand jerked in and out between her legs. Nadine was whimpering with pleasure, soft high pitched moans that seemed to burst from her rhythmically as Pete fucked her with his fingers.

While Pete continued his administrations Dave pulled off Nadine’s jacket as if she were a doll and somehow ripped her t-shirt open at the front to spill her breasts, completely pulled from out of the cups of her bra, out into the open. Her nipples were full and hard and sticking outward, the effect augmented by the fact her breasts were resting on top of her crumpled bra cups and Pete began to suck and mouth at them roughly, his head moving side to side wildly as he slid his fingers into Nadine’s cunt so deep she was raised up onto her tiptoes. Dave then yanked her skirt up around her waist so that it now resembled nothing more than a thick belt and slid his hands between Nadine’s legs too – Christ but it was getting busy down there! Nadine, of course, wasn’t wearing any knickers so the guys had easy and immediate access.

By now Nadine’s moans were loud; a pulsing call of, “Oh, oh oh, ah, ah, ah!” and I could hear Pete calling her a filthy whore who needed her cunt filling with man-cock. Nadine was mumbling ecstatic replies of agreement and looked half unconscious with pleasure. Beside me Elspeth was wanking herself off furiously, her gasps bursting forth in hoarse whispers as her hand jerked violently through the fly of her jeans. Shit but I felt horny. I was so tempted to fuck Elspeth there and then but my overriding priority was to keep an eye on Nadine, make sure she was ok – my pleasure would have to wait until later. My cock was aching furiously, desperate to be freed from the confines of my trousers and plunged into something more comfortable.

Suddenly Pete removed his hand, glistening wet, and pushed Nadine towards the bonnet of a nearby car. He lifted her up and dumped her unceremoniously onto it. I was amazed that the alarm didn’t go off and didn’t realize until later that it was his own car... seems everything had been thought of. He grabbed Nadine by the waist and pulled her down a bit, manoeuvring her just so, getting her just where he wanted her... I could see her full breasts swaying with every movement and was overcome with a desire to touch them myself. Instead I reached my hand into Elspeth’s top and inserted it into her bra and began to squeeze and kneed her hot tits as I continued to watch. I could here sticky wet noises emanating from between Elspeth’s legs and promised myself that I’d have my cock buried deep into that hot hairy wetness before the night was through.

Meanwhile Pete had flung Nadine’s legs wide open, dropped his trousers and, while Dave held one of Nadine’s legs aloft, had lined up his impressive cock with Nadine’s soaking pussy. Even at this distance his cock was huge – a real brute of a prick and almost as thick as my wrist. With a violent stab he entered Nadine fully and her cry rang out clear before he withdrew fully and then pushed forward again with a hugely powerful body thrust. Nadine was jolted further and further up the bonnet with each thrust and I could see why Dave was on hand – to pull her back down again and anchor her firmly against the meaty brute force that was fucking its way up into her cunt. Pete’s grunts were now loud and bestial and his buttocks were slamming angrily into the depths between Nadine’s open legs. Nadine’s own screams were at fever pitch and I did wonder at this point whether she’d potentially bitten off more than she could chew... but the cry, “hubby get me”, never manifested.

Dave now dropped his own trousers to expose his own impressive prick and with his free hand began to tug at it, his chest heaving with suppressed lust. He let go of her leg – Nadine placed it firmly onto Pete’s shoulder; a deliberate act that told me she was totally in her element – and while Pete continued to fuck her like a man-stallion Dave moved closer to Nadine’s face and began to wank his cock off in the direction of her mouth. She took the hint and, craning her neck a little, sucked his cock tip into her mouth. Her cum cries became muffled as Dave fucked his member deep into her mouth and her head began to jolt backwards with each jab into her mouth. Dave compensated by grabbing the back of her head and forcing her to ingest him more deeply. This worried me – how would Nadine be able to call for help if she needed it? I’d got as far as removing my hand from Elspeth’s tits to touch the monkey wrench when Dave removed himself from Nadine’s mouth and, calling her a bitch, asked if she liked having her mouth fucked. Between hard gasps – Pete still pumping away violently – she told him yes, she did and she wanted more. Phew. I released my grip on the wrench and reapplied my hand to the hot firmness of Elspeth’s tits. Elspeth, now on her knees, wrestled with the fly of my trousers and pulled out my cock before I could speak. Her mouth watering lips enveloped me completely and while my eyes flicked back to the exciting tableaux with Nadine my pelvis began to rock backwards and forwards, fucking my cock into the wet suction of Elspeth’s mouth.

By now Pete had manhandled Nadine off the car and had her bent over the corner of the bonnet – the perfect doggy position. Without preamble he shoved his cock back into her pussy and began to squeeze her swinging tits like he was squeezing lemons in his fists. Nadine was emitting one long howl of pleasure as her body jolted with each cock stroke. Dave, of course, positioned himself in front of Nadine and after slapping his cock around her mouth for a while inserted it between her lips. He plunged it in deeply and I could see the pleasure etched onto his face as Nadine took him deep down into the back of her throat. He began to thrust into her as hard as Pete was working his way into her pussy – this was one hell of a spit roast. All I could hear from Nadine were mumbled and muffled groans as her body was batted backwards and forwards between these two thrusting giants. My mind, I had to admit, was now a million miles from even thinking about reaching for the monkey wrench. Nadine looked amazing, fucking two huge monster cocks, and my own modest chap was buried deep inside Elspeth’s tight little mouth. I could hear pleasurable grunts bubbling up from the back of Elspeth’s throat and saw with satisfaction that not only was she still thrusting her hand in and out of the top of her trousers but she was also keeping one eye on the action that Nadine and her two friends were supplying. I was quite impressed by such adept multitasking I must admit – Elspeth, it seems, is a natural.

A loud shout drew my attention back to Nadine and I was just in time to see Dave withdraw and shoot a very healthy amount of cum all over Nadine’s face. Her mouth now unimpeded, Nadine’s own cum cries blasted forth – loud and shrieking and victorious. Pete began to slam in even harder – if that was even possible – and began to slap Nadine’s arse cheeks; loud, violent slaps that rang around the car park. Nadine seemed ecstatically happy, growling “harder, harder you bastard, fill me up, fill me up, come on, do it!” Pete was obviously happy to oblige – a mighty thrust of his pelvis had him lifting Nadine clean off her feet and then her own shouts of pleasure were drowned out by his almost inhuman roar of ecstasy. My mind momentarily lost focus as my own cock then exploded in Elspeth’s mouth and the poor girl had a job keeping up with the huge hot spurts of cum that shot down her throat. Wow. What a fuck!

A couple more stabs into Nadine’s hot wetness and Pete was done. With a quick squeeze of her buttocks Pete withdrew his cock and backed away. With an audible sigh he hoisted up his trousers and completely hid his still twitching member from view. Dave did the same and, as if nothing at all happened, they gently eased Nadine off the bonnet of their car and leaned her against a nearby pillar. She was heaving with ragged breaths – momentarily exhausted – but I saw her dart Pete a quick wink as he and Dave got into their car. Without further ado they both drove off into the night... two very happy bunnies if I’m not too mistaken.

Elspeth and I quickly straightened our clothing and hastened towards Nadine. I slipped my arms around her waist and asked if she was alright. She giggled and said yes, never better, had we enjoyed the show? I assured her she’d been fantastic. Elspeth sounded her own agreement as an echo. Nadine gave my crotch a quick squeeze and, with a raised eyebrow, said that the night was still young. She gave Elspeth a very meaningful look and with a purr suggested that we all head back up to our flat for part 2 of the night’s entertainment...